Meet Team Australia

The Team Australia Squad make up the Australian Olympic Team, which is proudly supported by Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd and the AIS. Team Australia trains at the National Centre of Excellence in Perth.

Name Age Club  State
Buckle, Rayna 23 Gold Coast Mermaids QLD
Burkhill, Hannah 23 SupaNova WA
Caloiero, Natalia 20 West Coast Splash WA
Courage-Gardiner, Georgia Meg 20 Gold Coast Mermaids QLD
Gazzard, Kiera 22 Gold Coast Mermaids QLD
Gauthier, Raphaelle 18 West Coast Plash WA
Ho, Alessandra 23 West Coast Splash WA
Joseph, Margo  19 Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar VIC
Kurosawa, Pam 20 Gold Coast Mermaids QLD
Kusmawan, Putu Anastasia 18 Golden Fish VIC
Poulis, Zoe 17 Gold Coast Mermaids QLD
Waldmann, Milena 19 Gold Coast Mermaids QLD

Athletes are selected for Team Australia Squad through a trial process, which runs at least once a year; details are on the Team Australia Selection section. Team Australia Squad Athletes are reviewed every six months to ensure they are on track for world-class performances at the benchmark event.   These reviews select teams for the key benchmark events such as the World Championships and Olympic Games.