ASA Policies

Artistic Swimming Australia (ASA) values the health, welfare, well-being, and safety of its athletes, staff, supporters, and partners.

We have established and implemented several policies and procedures to create the best possible environment to enjoy, perform, develop and participate in our sport.

We aim to ensure our policies and procedures are comprehensive and compliant and review and monitor these. We welcome your comments on any areas where you feel we may be able to improve.

Please email and reference the document in the subject title.

Please click on the link below to download the relevant document.

  1. ASA Constitution 
  2. Financial Procedure Policy
  3. Personal Grievances Policy
  4. Risk Management Policy
  5. Conflicts of Interest Policy
  6. National Anti-Doping Policy
  7. Privacy Policy
  8. Social Media Policy
  9. Diversity Policy
  10. Concussion Policy
  11. Sun Safe Policy
  12. Delegation of Authority ASA Policy
  13. National Integrity Framework Policy - no longer exists (to be removed soon)
  14. Member Protection Policy
  15. Complaints, Disputes, and Discipline Policy
  16. Improper Use of Drugs and Medicine Policy
  17. Competition Manipulation and Sport Gambling Policy
  18. Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy
  19. Membership, Participation, and Registration Policy
  20. Illicit Drugs in Sport Policy
  21. Nomination Criteria Paris 2024 Olympic Games 
  22. Image Consent Policy
  23. Whistleblower Policy
  24. Australian Artistic Swimming Championships Policy
  25. Accommodation and Billeting Policy
  26. Uniform Policy
  27. Travel Policy
  28. Cancellation and Alteration Policy
  29. Selection Appeals Policy
  30. Coaches Code of Conduct
  31. Athletes Code of Conduct
  32. Parents Code of Conduct
  33. Team Australia Selection Criteria - coming soon
  34. AIS Athlete Categorisation Policy
  35. AIS dAIS Associated Policies
  36. National Stakeholder Engagement Policy
  37. Directors and Committee Member Code of Conduct Policy
  38. Board Charter
  39. Nominations Committee Charter
  40. Finance, Audit and Risk Committee Charter
  41. High Performance Committee Charter
  42. Coaching Commission Charter
  43. Judging Commission Charter
  44. Athletes Commission Charter
  45. Incident Reporting Management Policy
  46. Vaccination Policy
  47. Australian National Coach Working Group Charter
  48. Late Payment Policy
  49. Athlete Performance Review Policy
  50. Parental Leave Policy
  51. Parental Support Policy



Artistic Swimming Australia tries to ensure its comprehensive and compliant policies and procedures. However, we welcome your feedback on where you feel we may be able to improve. Please email