Judge Education Framework

Artistic Swimming Judges are essential for running artistic swimming competitions as they provide scores based on the performance of each routine.

All Artistic Swimming judges must be expertly trained to reduce subjectivity in scoring. They require a complete understanding of FINA and ASA’s rules and regulations for artistic swimming competitions.

To maintain their qualification or progress, all judges must have a current judge accreditation and officiate at a certain number of grade assessments and competitions.









  (Level 0) (FINA Beginner) (FINA Intermediate) (FINA Advance) (FINA Certification)
Minimum Age 16 18 18 18 21
Pre-requisites nil Foundation Judge  Club judge - At least 40h/year of practical judging  State Judge - At least 40h/year of practical judging  National Judge - At least 60h/year of practical judging
Have judged at least 3 National competitions in the previous 3year period.
Role Moving forward to Foundation Advance (Level 1) Local skill programmers and regional competitions.  State competitions across all panels and age groups.  National competitions and shadowing at international competitions where possible.  Judge at international competitions and participate in National Squad selections. 
Judging ability An elementary introduction to judging and the opportunities it presents Develop skills in using and understanding the FINA manual and rule book. Develop Basic skills in judging Skill programs and induction to routine panel judging. Build on knowledge of the FINA manual and a greater in-depth understanding of Routine panels  Consolidating routine panels and expanding into the technical routines.  Advanced training through FINA judges schools across all panels, figures, and age groups. 
Course Delivery ASA Foundation online course  FINA Beginner Judge course FINA Intermediate Judge Course FINA Advance Judge Course FINA Certification School 
Sport Integrity Australia-related compliance courses  Advanced Sport Integrity Australia courses      
Community Officiating General Principles        


ASA Judges Workshop Australian World Aquatics-qualified Judge  NEW World Aquatics Judge Scoring System
Foundation Level Judge Course Club Level Judge Course State Level Judge Course National Level Judge Course