Talent Transfer Program


Do you have a high-level background in gymnastics, ballet and are a good swimmer?

Did you know those are core traits of successful high performance Artistic Swimmers?

Why not apply for the Talent Identification Talent Transfer program

Talent Identification Talent Transfer Program
Application Process If you love the water and want to be an Olympian,
then please complete the application form below

Apply here (Coming soon)

Interview Stage

If your application is accepted, we invite you to an interview with the HP Pathway team and your selected CoE.

Trial Stage

All going well post interview you will be invited to a come and try session at your selected CoE.

Bespoke Program Development

Based on the information provided through the application process you will be provided with a bespoke program to aid your development, with check in points to review your progress.

Program Cost

If you are successfully accepted in top the program you will receive free support for six months at a recognised ASA Centre of Excellence (CoE). This will cover the cost for joining the CoE and any additional expert service charges.

What are the outcomes?

  1. You enter the Athlete Talent Pathway at the appropriate level and join the Australian Marlins. You get represent Australia international, you receive direct athlete funding, and train at either the CoE or the Hancock Prospecting Olympic Training Centre.
  2. You enjoy the Artistic Swimming and although you do not join the Australian Marlins, you join the Performance Club based at the CoE and continue to train and compete nationally.
  3. At the end of the six months, you are unsuccessful in joining the Australian Marlins, and you decide to stop. You have had a great six months experience which will be fun and it would have cost nothing.