Next Generation Squad

The Next Generation Squad comprises a small group of athletes who have demonstrated. Exceptional potential to achieve medal success aligns with the Artistic Swimming Australia What It Takes To Win (WITTW) Plan. The support to Next Generation athletes varies from state to state because of the varying degree of State Institute of Sport support but consists of:

  • Dedicated support from the National Pathway Coach
  • The development of an Individual Athlete Performance Plan with the National Pathway Coach, including support for individual or duet routines if required.
  • Development of an individualised Performance support service plan, e.g., nutrition, strength and conditioning, physiology, and physiotherapy, managed by the National Pathway Coach
  • Additional funding towards one-to-one coaching sessions (only through the Centre of Excellence Club)
  • Access to the Athlete Management System (AMS)
  • Where possible, State Institute of Sport Scholarships
  • A Next Generation athlete that is part of two under-age Team Australia squads receives a grant worth 50% of the squad fee.
  • Families with more than one child in the Team Australia under-age squads receive a 10% discount for their second child fee.
  • Male athletes benefit from additional grant support of 50% of the Team Australia fee.

    To become a member of the Next Generation Squad, you need to:
  • Finish top 3 in the Australian National/Virtual Championships Figures in the Emerging (12 and under)/Youth age (13-15 age group) groups 
  • Finish Top 3 male athletes in the Australian National/Virtual Championships Figures in the Emerging (12 and under)/Youth age (13-15 age group)
  • Only athletes that are part of the underage Team Australia squads can achieve Next Generation status. 
  • The athlete maintains requirements to stay on the program, e.g., AMS completion, attendance, and achievement of set fitness standards.
  • To receive additional funding for 1-2-1 coach sessions, you must be associated with a recognised Artistic Swimming Australia Club Centre of Excellence.
  • Support is maintained for the six periods between events (ANC and AVC), and re-qualification needs to be gained. In exceptional circumstances, the HP Management team can maintain an athlete on the program even if they do not meet the above qualification, e.g., if they are satisfied the athlete is ill or injured.

# Please note, to be part of the Next Generation Squad, you must be selected as part of the Australian Youth or Emerging Squads.